NPRE 597 - Independent Study

Summer 2019

Independent StudyNPRE597010076IND1 -    
Independent StudyNPRE597BJH24066IND1 -    Brent J Heuser
Independent StudyNPRE597CB24062IND1 -    Caleb Brooks
Independent StudyNPRE597CES24050IND1 -    Clifford E Singer
Independent StudyNPRE597CJS24035IND1 -    Clair Julia Sullivan
Independent StudyNPRE597DC24038IND1 -    Davide Curreli
Independent StudyNPRE597DNR24047IND1 -    David N Ruzic
Independent StudyNPRE597DWM24048IND1 -    David W Miller
Independent StudyNPRE597GHM24040IND1 -    George H Miley
Independent StudyNPRE597JFS24044IND1 -    James F Stubbins
Independent StudyNPRE597KH24042IND1 -    Kathryn D Huff
Independent StudyNPRE597LM24036IND1 -    Ling Jian Meng
Independent StudyNPRE597MA34118IND1 -    Michael Aref
Independent StudyNPRE597MG24074IND1 -    Masab H Garada
Independent StudyNPRE597MK24070IND1 -    Michael David Kaminski
Independent StudyNPRE597MR24068IND1 -    Magdi Ragheb
Independent StudyNPRE597RAA24064IND1 -    Roy A Axford
Independent StudyNPRE597RB24072IND1 -    Richard O Buckius
Independent StudyNPRE597RU24054IND1 -    Rizwan Uddin
Independent StudyNPRE597SA24060IND1 -    Shiva Abbaszadeh
Independent StudyNPRE597TK24052IND1 -    Tomasz Kozlowski
Independent StudyNPRE597YZ24058IND1 -    Yang Zhang
Independent StudyNPRE597ZM24056IND1 -    Zahra Mohaghegh

Official Description

Individual study in areas of nuclear engineering and closely related fields not covered by regular course offerings. The work is carried out under the supervision of a member of the faculty. Course Information: May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.