Nuclear power research covers materials, reactor simulations, systems and safety, and probabilistic risk analysis. Plasma and fusion studies include semi conductor advancements, fusion energy, plasma modeling and simulations, and nanostructured biointerfaces for regenerative medicine. Research in radiological technologies examines detection and homeland security, and biomedical imaging.

In addition to the more traditional areas in nuclear engineering, the research efforts in the department embrace a wide spectrum of plasma science, radiological science, materials science, reliability and risk, and other related applications. Topics also involve national and global energy and security issues, particularly concerning the development and implementation of nuclear energy sources. These areas reflect the creative interests and breadth of experience of faculty members of the department.

What is HIDRA?

HIDRA is a multi-million dollar plasma/fusion advanced physics testing facility that allows research to be done here that cannot be done anywhere else. 

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HIDRA machine
HIDRA testing facility