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The need to make a difference in tackling societal and scientific challenges motivates students in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering.

Our students study the development and use of nuclear energy and radiation sources for energy production, materials processing and science, and biomedical and industrial needs. Our graduates are passionate about producing sustainable, carbon-free, clean, nuclear energy; innovating plasma technologies of the future; and advancing radiological sciences for human healthcare and homeland security.

Our students benefit from a flexible degree program in which they can get involved in research right away. They find a home within a small, friendly department that provides access to a large research university's world-class professors and facilities.

The major leads to excellent career choices for highly proficient math and atomic physics students.

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As a high school or transfer student talented in physics and mathematics, you have many options to consider.

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Salary Averages

A degree from NPRE ILLINOIS will prepare you to achieve your professional goals. Our graduates consistently earn more than the national average.


Our graduates land positions with industry leaders like Exelon, Sargent & Lundy, Enercon, First Energy, Intel, Sematech, and many national laboratories.


With a net faculty increase in recent years and over $4.6 million in research expenditures annually, NPRE ILLINOIS stands out among its peers.


With a world-known high-tech fusion device (HIDRA), the Functional X-Ray Imaging Lab, and numerous cutting-edge facilities, NPRE helps students have access to resources that they need.