Transfer Credit Procedures

NPRE Graduate Transfer Credit Procedures

  • Credits may only be transferred to the MS or Stage I of the PHD.  Students entering with an MS are entered at Stage II and may not transfer in any coursework to the doctoral degree.

  • No more than 12 credits may be transferred.

  • Courses must have been taken for graduate level and must have an earned grade of a B or higher or a Satisfactory for courses taken as S/U.

  • Courses must not have applied to any other degree and must have been taken at an accredited institution.

  • Students requesting transfer credits should do so in their first semester and only after having discussed potential transfer credits with their faculty advisor.  Failure to make this request in a timely manner may result in situations where the coursework is ineligible for transfer.

  • In order to request transfer credit, the student must email the syllabi of all requested transfer courses to Kristie Stramaski at, identifying any NPRE courses of a similar topic or title.  The syllabus is required for all course transfer requests. 
    *Note:  Students may not receive credit for duplicate coursework.  Ex:  If you took Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering at another institution and intend on transferring this course to UIUC and then enroll in NPRE 501, the department will not approve the transfer course if the topics covered are materially the same.

  • Students are also required to submit a list of all planned courses at UIUC to Kristie Stramaski, in an effort to help prevent duplication of coursework.

  • Once students have received approval from the department for the transfer of coursework, students will enter a petition for transfer courses via the Graduate College Student Portal.

  • Students must also ensure an official transcript is on file with the Graduate College and are less than 6 months old when requesting transfer credit via the Graduate College Student Portal.  If one is not on file or is older than 6 months, students must request a new official transcript from the institution where the credits were taken.

  • In order for the petition for transfer credit to be approved, approval of the student’s faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies is also required and will be obtained directly by Kristie Stramaski.