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When you’re an electrical engineer, you’re behind the electronic systems that we use every day and that are propelling us into the future. You work in areas like energy and power, circuits, optics, remote sensing, communications, networking and computing systems, and much, much more. To learn all this you take classes like signal processing, circuits and electromechanics, and green electric energy. You can do a lot with this degree, including jobs like design engineer, technology analyst, system engineer at companies like Microsoft, GE Energy, Texas Instruments, and Goldman Sachs. Our electrical engineering grads make an average starting salary of $69,881.

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As a systems engineer, you bring everything together. You’ll use basic science, engineering analysis, and engineering design to study the interactions between parts of a whole and work in fields like consulting, automotive, manufacturing, control systems, and patent law. As a student you take classes like business, graphics and design, and design analysis. After graduation you might have a career like engineering consulting, computer-aided design and manufacturing, law consulting, or systems engineering. Our SED grads make an average starting salary of $63,927.

One of the great things about the NPRE Department at Illinois is that it's a very tight-knit department within the College of Engineering. The size enables you to know your peers and professors on a more personal level.

Kelsey Bear, BS '17

Nuclear Visionary: Kristin McCoskey

Hear from #NuclearVisionary Kristin McCoskey of Constellation on her thoughts about nuclear energy.


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