Number Title Web Site Schedule
NPRE 100 Orientation to NPRE
NPRE 101 Introduction to Energy Sources
NPRE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
NPRE 201 Energy Systems
NPRE 247 Modeling Nuclear Energy System
NPRE 397 Independent Study
NPRE 402 Nuclear Power Engineering
NPRE 412 Nuclear Power Econ & Fuel Mgmt Website
NPRE 413 Nucl Separ & Fuel Reprocessing
NPRE 421 Plasma and Fusion Science Website
NPRE 423 Plasma Laboratory
NPRE 429 Plasma Engineering
NPRE 432 Nuclear Engrg Materials Lab
NPRE 435 Radiological Imaging
NPRE 441 Radiation Protection Website
NPRE 442 Radioactive Waste Management Website
NPRE 448 Nuclear Syst Engrg & Design
NPRE 451 NPRE Laboratory
NPRE 455 Neutron Diffusion & Transport Website
NPRE 457 Safety Anlys Nucl Reactor Syst
NPRE 458 Design in NPRE
NPRE 461 Probabilistic Risk Assessment
NPRE 470 Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources Website
NPRE 475 Wind Power Systems Website
NPRE 480 Energy and Security
NPRE 481 Writing on Technol & Security
NPRE 483 Seminar on Security
NPRE 498 Special Topics
NPRE 498 ESU Special Topics
NPRE 498 NS Special Topics Website
NPRE 498 NSA Special Topics Website
NPRE 498 NSO Special Topics Website
NPRE 501 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engrg
NPRE 511 Nuclear Reactor Heat Transfer Website
NPRE 521 Interact of Radiation w/Matter Website
NPRE 522 Controlled Fusion Systems
NPRE 523 Plasma Waves
NPRE 527 Plasma Tech of Gaseous Elec
NPRE 531 Nuclear Materials
NPRE 554 Independent Lab Investigations
NPRE 558 Advanced Design in NPRE
NPRE 561 Advanced Risk Analysis
NPRE 595 Student Research Seminar
NPRE 596 Seminar in Nuclear Sci & Engrg
NPRE 597 Independent Study
NPRE 598 Special Topics
NPRE 598 NS Special Topics Website
NPRE 598 NSA Special Topics Website
NPRE 598 NSO Special Topics Website
NPRE 599 Thesis Research