Pre-Registration Advising

Information for Spring 2020 Semester

October 28th – November 15th, 2019

All NPRE students are to meet with their NPRE adviser each semester to discuss their upcoming semester’s course plan and overall degree progress. Students will have a registration hold until completion of the advising process. The purpose of pre-registration advising is to ensure that students are on-track as they work towards their degree completion.

Engineering Undergraduate Advising Wiki


Steps for advising.

(See detailed steps in next section)

  1. Schedule an appointment with your adviser. Go to
  2. Run a Degree Audit Report (DARS). Go to
  3. Print out a Course Registration Approval form.
  4. Meet with your adviser.
  5. Register for classes. Find out your registration eligibility including your time ticket through Self-Service at
  6. Return the Course Registration Approval form with adviser signature.

Follow these steps for Spring 2019 pre-registration advising.

Schedule an appointment with your adviser.

  • Go to
    • Under “UNDERGRAD TOOLS” select “ADVISING”. 
    • You will be asked a few short planning questions to prepare for your advising session. 
    • After answering go to your adviser’s calendar to schedule your appointment.
  • The Pre-Registration Advising period is october 22nd – November 9th, 2018.
  • It is advised that you make your appointment early to get the best timeslot to fit your schedule. If your adviser does not have timeslots that match your availability, you may wish to email them to see if they have additional times open.
  • You can also schedule an advising appointment with Becky Meline, Chief Adviser, through
    • Select the “NPRE ADVISING OFFICE APPOINTMENT” under the “CALENDAR” tab. 
    • Advising with the Chief Adviser does not replace meeting with your adviser; it is intended as a supplement. Note the exception that all first year students will meet with Becky Meline as their primary academic adviser for this year.

Run a Degree Audit Report (DARS)

  • Go to
  • Expand all sections and print a copy of your report.
  • Check your report for accuracy. If you think there are any discrepancies please see Becky Meline in NPRE Student Services, 219 Talbot Lab.
  • Bring a copy of your DARS with you to your advising appointment.

Prepare your course plan for Spring 2019

  • Print out a Course Registration Approval form.
  • List the course rubrics/numbers/names/hours BEFORE your meeting with your adviser. Print out an extra blank copy in case you make changes.

Meet with your adviser

  • Do not miss your appointment and arrive on time. Respect your adviser’s time. You’re busy…so is your adviser!
  • Take with you:
    • Degree Audit Report (DARS)
    • Completed Course Registration Approval form
    • An extra blank copy of your Course Registration Approval form
  • Make a list of any questions you may have for your adviser. This is your opportunity to also discuss such things as research, internships, career paths, graduate school, etc.

Return the Course Registration Approval form with adviser signature.

  • Turn in to Becky Meline in NPRE Student Services, 219 Talbot Lab.
  • Do NOT slide the form under the door or your hold will not be removed. Return the form in person and plan to spend a few minutes discussing it. This is your time to ask questions about your audit, courses, degree progress, etc.
  • Appointments are encouraged and will be given preference over drop-ins. To make an appointment with Becky go to and select the “NPRE ADVISING OFFICE APPOINTMENT “calendar.

Register for classes

  • Find out your registration eligibility including your time ticket through Self-Service at
  • Check class offerings at the Course Explorer at
  • Register as soon as possible for the best selection. Some classes fill up quickly.
  • Register to graduate. If planning on graduating in December, select “GRADUATION INFORMATION” to add yourself to the Pending Degree List.

Off Campus this semester - no problem!

  • Studying abroad or participating in a co-op this semester? You may email Becky Meline, to discuss your proposed schedule.


Undergraduate Student Restrictions

  • Undergraduates must have an Engineering Dean's approval to do any of the following: 
    (i) drop a REQUIRED math or science course
    (ii) drop below 12 credit hours or register for more than 18

    To request approval, go to the Undergraduate Program Office 206 Engineering Hall.
  • A student must obtain Chief Adviser approval to drop a department restricted course. See Becky Meline in NPRE Student Services 219 Talbot Lab.

College of Engineering Undergraduate Advising Wiki

For detailed advising information on degree requirements, how to drop and add courses, and the many other resources available to engineering students, go to Undergraduate Advising WikiThis is a very useful site. Bookmark it and refer to it often!

Common Registration Error Messages and Solutions

Common Error Messages Solution
Link Error Register for all parts of course simultaneously.
Departmental Approval Required Go see the department that offers the course.
Pre-req/Test Score Error              Check course restrictions on the class section
Time Conflict Error Course times are overlapping. Select a different section.
Class Error Course restricted to a certain class level: FR, SO, JR, SR.
Level Error Course restricted by Undergrad or Graduate standing.
Major Error Course restricted to a certain major/s.
Closed Error Course is full. Check back later for openings.

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