NPRE ILLINOIS is at the leading edge of research that has the ability to change the way we live. Developing safer, more reliable energy sources; packing more power into semiconductor chips; improving medical imaging tools and techniques; and protecting the world that we share are primary areas of focus for our department. Join us as we work together to improve the world around us.



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Getting Started

Undergraduate Program

Nuclear, plasma, and radiological engineering can lead to careers in energy production, in materials processing and science, and even biomedical and industrial uses. The bachelor degree program teaches you the basics first - engineering science fundamentals and mathematics. In your third and fourth years, you can choose an area of specialization to focus on.


With a Master's or PhD, you'll have more career paths in nuclear, plasma, and radiological engineering open to you. Go in-depth researching a subject that intrigues you, with the mentoring and guidance of our expert faculty. Help develop new technologies and innovations for building the future world.

Student Organizations

Create connections here and around the world by becoming a member of a student organization during your time with NPRE ILLINOIS.


NPRE undergraduate and graduate students consistently rank among the Grainger College of Engineering's best scholars. Several scholarship opportunities are available, within the college and the department.


Salary Averages

A degree from NPRE ILLINOIS will prepare you to achieve your professional goals. NPRE graduates in the past five years reported annual incomes of over $75,000.


Our graduates land positions with industry leaders like Constellation, TerraPower, Entergy, Westinghouse, Intel, ASML, Jensen Hughes, and many national laboratories. Employers can be grouped roughly into nuclear utilities or energy providers, nuclear utility engineering consulting and design support firms, semiconductor fabrication companies, medical imaging device research and design, radiation detector research and design, private and federal research and development labs.


With a net faculty increase in recent years and over $8 million in research expenditures annually, NPRE ILLINOIS stands out among its peers.


With a world-known high-tech fusion device (HIDRA), the Functional X-Ray Imaging Lab, and numerous cutting-edge facilities, NPRE helps students have access to resources that they need.

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