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NPRE 599 - Thesis Research

Summer 2019

Thesis ResearchNPRE599010080IND -    
Thesis ResearchNPRE599AX424193IND -    Roy A Axford
Thesis ResearchNPRE599BH124210IND -    Brent J Heuser
Thesis ResearchNPRE599BH424204IND -    Brent J Heuser
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CB124145IND -    Caleb Brooks
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CB424231IND -    Caleb Brooks
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CJ124095IND -    Clair Julia Sullivan
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CJ424098IND -    Clair Julia Sullivan
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CS124140IND -    Clifford E Singer
Thesis ResearchNPRE599CS424143IND -    Clifford E Singer
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DA124083IND -    Daniel Andruczyk
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DC124104IND -    Davide Curreli
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DC424107IND -    Davide Curreli
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DR124124IND -    David N Ruzic
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DR424132IND -    David N Ruzic
Thesis ResearchNPRE599DT424093IND -    Dallas Trinkle
Thesis ResearchNPRE599GE424220IND -    J. Gary Eden
Thesis ResearchNPRE599GM124109IND -    George H Miley
Thesis ResearchNPRE599GM424113IND -    George H Miley
Thesis ResearchNPRE599IB124164IND -    
Thesis ResearchNPRE599JA424170IND -    Jont Allen
Thesis ResearchNPRE599JP124135IND -    Jean Paul Allain
Thesis ResearchNPRE599JP424138IND -    Jean Paul Allain
Thesis ResearchNPRE599KH124115IND -    Kathryn D Huff
Thesis ResearchNPRE599KH424118IND -    Kathryn D Huff
Thesis ResearchNPRE599KK424174IND -    Kyekyoon Kim
Thesis ResearchNPRE599LM124100IND -    Ling Jian Meng
Thesis ResearchNPRE599LM424103IND -    Ling Jian Meng
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MA434117IND -    Michael Aref
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MK124168IND -    Michael David Kaminski
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MO124221IND -    Michael L Oelze
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MP124217IND -    Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MR124211IND -    Magdi Ragheb
Thesis ResearchNPRE599MR424214IND -    Magdi Ragheb
Thesis ResearchNPRE599RB424223IND -    Richard O Buckius
Thesis ResearchNPRE599RU124149IND -    Rizwan Uddin
Thesis ResearchNPRE599RU424152IND -    Rizwan Uddin
Thesis ResearchNPRE599SA24180IND -    Shiva Abbaszadeh
Thesis ResearchNPRE599ST124119IND -    James F Stubbins
Thesis ResearchNPRE599ST424122IND -    James F Stubbins
Thesis ResearchNPRE599TH424177IND -    Thomas S Huang
Thesis ResearchNPRE599TK124146IND -    Tomasz Kozlowski
Thesis ResearchNPRE599TK424147IND -    Tomasz Kozlowski
Thesis ResearchNPRE599YZ124225IND -    Yang Zhang
Thesis ResearchNPRE599ZM124154IND -    Zahra Mohaghegh
Thesis ResearchNPRE599ZM424157IND -    Zahra Mohaghegh
Thesis ResearchNPRE599ZY424160IND -    Yang Zhang

Official Description

Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.