NPRE 397 - Independent Study

Fall 2019

Independent StudyNPRE397010071IND1 -    
Independent StudyNPRE397ADF23888IND1 -    Angela Di Fulvio
Independent StudyNPRE397BJH23935IND1 -    Brent J Heuser
Independent StudyNPRE397CB23919IND1 -    Caleb Brooks
Independent StudyNPRE397CES23906IND1 -    Clifford E Singer
Independent StudyNPRE397DA23942IND1 -    Daniel Andruczyk
Independent StudyNPRE397DC23893IND1 -    Davide Curreli
Independent StudyNPRE397DNR23901IND1 -    David N Ruzic
Independent StudyNPRE397DWM23904IND1 -    David W Miller
Independent StudyNPRE397GHM23894IND1 -    George H Miley
Independent StudyNPRE397JFS23898IND1 -    James F Stubbins
Independent StudyNPRE397JPA23945IND1 -    Jean Paul Allain
Independent StudyNPRE397KH23896IND1 -    Kathryn D Huff
Independent StudyNPRE397LM23890IND1 -    Ling Jian Meng
Independent StudyNPRE397MR23940IND1 -    Magdi Ragheb
Independent StudyNPRE397RAA23933IND1 -    Roy A Axford
Independent StudyNPRE397RU23910IND1 -    Rizwan Uddin
Independent StudyNPRE397SA23917IND1 -    Shiva Abbaszadeh
Independent StudyNPRE397TK23908IND1 -    Tomasz Kozlowski
Independent StudyNPRE397YZ23914IND1 -    Yang Zhang
Independent StudyNPRE397ZM23912IND1 -    Zahra Mohaghegh

Official Description

Individual investigations or studies of any phase of nuclear engineering selected by the student and approved by the department. Course Information: May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.