Di Fulvio wins Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

3/8/2022 Phillip Kisubika

Written by Phillip Kisubika

Di Fulvio wins Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

NPRE assistant professor Angela Di Fulvio has been named the winner of The Grainger College of Engineering’s Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research (assistant professor division).

“It’s a great honor to be recognized for such a prestigious award,” Di Fulvio said. “I’m very happy to receive an award for research.

“I hope this gives more visibility to the radiological area of the department. Personally, for my students, I hope this motivates them to continue to do their best.”

Di Fulvio said she shares this award with her students, because a lot of the research and experiments she does are carried out by them.

“Angela has been spearheading our research efforts in several directions,” NPRE department head Rizwan Uddin said. “Her research program has been steadily growing, and I am glad to see GCoE recognizing her for excellence in research.”

Di Fulvio was also recently a recipient of a JUMP Arches grant. Her proposed study hopes to make radiation therapy more targeted for people with prostate cancer.

Among other projects she is working on, is one that looks at non-destructive characterization of nuclear fuel, using neutron multiplicity counting and X-ray computed tomography to create a more accurate picture of TRISO fuel as it flows through an advanced reactor.

Another project within the framework of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC) hopes to produce machine-learning with a limited data set available for training. “This could be very valuable in situations when we don’t have the full data set and when we have a partial picture of the data,” Di Fulvio said.

Di Fulvio also currently runs the new Radiation Measurement Lab on the first floor of Talbot Laboratory used for NPRE 451 (NPRE Lab) and NPRE 452 (Advanced Radiological Lab). “It’s a great space with excellent resources. It’s increased our ability to give students unique experimental learning experiences,” she said.

She joined the NPRE faculty as an assistant professor in 2018 after spending time as an assistant research scientist at the University of Michigan and postdoctoral work at Yale University. She earned her Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Pisa in Italy.

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This story was published March 8, 2022.