NPRE well-represented in new ANS election results

4/22/2021 Phillip Kisubika

Written by Phillip Kisubika

NPRE well-represented in new ANS election results

The American Nuclear Society recently held its annual elections, and there were some familiar names in the results. NPRE assistant professors Katy Huff and Angela Di Fulvio and graduate student Amanda Bachmann were all elected to positions in the ANS hierarchy.

Huff, a longtime ANS member and current advisor to UIUC’s award-winning student chapter, was elected to the U.S. At-Large Board of Directors. (5/14 Note: Huff has declined that position due to her new role with the DOE.)  

“ANS has been crucial to my career for over a decade,” Huff said. “These years of ANS membership, service, and leadership, have been extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. In particular, involvement in the technical divisions has bolstered both the relevance and impact of my research endeavors. I look forward to helping ANS reflect the vibrancy and enthusiasm of its best members, such as the young and energetic UIUC ANS students who inspire me daily.”

Huff has been a member of ANS since 2008 and is now an ANS Lifetime Member. She has served ANS in multiple divisions as an executive committee member, elected officer, and chair over the last decade. She currently chairs one of the smallest divisions (Nuclear Nonproliferation and Policy) and previously chaired one of the largest (Fuel Cycles and Waste Management). She is a current executive committee member of the Mathematics and Computation Division (MCD) and has previously been an elected officer of the Young Members Group (YMG).

Assistant professor Angela Di Fulvio was also elected to the Executive Committee of the Nuclear Nonproliferation and Policy Division (NNPD). A researcher in the technical aspects of nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards, she joined the ANS in 2019 and is a member of the APS Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction.

“It is an honor to serve in the Executive Committee of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division,” Di Fulvio said. “I am looking forward to engaging with ANS members and students and contribute to promoting the peaceful use of nuclear technology while preventing the proliferation of nuclear materials for illicit purposes.”

Graduate student Amanda Bachmann was elected as the society’s new Student Director, representing nuclear students on the ANS Board of Directors.

“It is truly an honor to be elected to represent the student members of ANS on the Board of Directors,” Bachmann said. “ANS has been such a critical component of my professional development as a student; it has afforded me many opportunities to present my own research, explore others’ research, and network with some of the most influential members of the nuclear community. I look forward to being a voice for the many passionate and motivated students of ANS, and ensuring that ANS continues to provide great opportunities and support for students.”

Bachmann has been a member of ANS since 2016. She has served on multiple committees in ANS, including the NEED, Diversity and Inclusion in ANS (DIA), and Scholarship and Policy Coordination Committee (SPCC) Committees. She has also served as the Co-Vice Chair of the Student Sections Committee since 2019 and is the Diversity Co-Chair for the 2022 ANS Student Conference, hosted by UIUC.

In other news, NPRE undergraduate student Joshua Hoffman was awarded two of the ANS’s National scholarships (Fusion Energy Division and Washington DC Local Section).

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This story was published April 22, 2021.