NPRE - Barclay G. Jones Endowed Fellowship

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Alumni forged a grassroots effort to establish and award the inaugural Barclay G. Jones Endowed Fellowship in NPRE in 2010. Professor Jones earned a master's degree and PhD in NPRE in 1960 and 1966, respectively, and continued his academic career in the department, retiring in 2011. He served as Department Head from 1987-2000, and was highly regarded by NPRE students. Jones was honored with the NPRE Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010, and the College of Engineering at Illinois Alumni Award for Distinguished Service in 2017.

NPRE awards the fellowship to a graduate student based on the individual's academic excellence and research interests.

  • 2018 - Zhiee Jhia Ooi
  • 2017 - Sundar Namala
  • 2016 - Vineet Kumar
  • 2014 - Rijan P. Shreshtha
  • 2012 - Abhishek Jaiswal
  • 2011 - Abhishek Jaisal
  • 2010 - Hyun-Jong Joe