Research Facilities

Full descriptions of NPRE laboratory facilities.






  • A dense plasma focus fusion-related device for high temperature plasma studies and an ultra-high vacuum laboratory for plasma-material interaction studies are available.
  • Laboratories are available for environmental studies and nuclear spectroscopy, health physics and radiation studies, nuclear waste management, thermal hydraulics, and reactor safety, reactor physics and reactor kinetics, controlled nuclear fusion, direct energy conversion, and lasers and plasma physics.
  • NPRE also has a direct link to the National Magnetic Fusion Computer Center in Livermore, California.
  • The College of Engineering Materials Research Laboratory and Materials Engineering-Mechanical Behavior Program provide a variety of facilities for studies of nuclear materials.
  • The College of Engineering is a leader in supercomputing research, and the campus is one of four National Centers for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).
  • In addition, a wide array of microcomputers and workstations are available for student use.