Plasma Physics and Fusion Research

Research Overview

The research theme of Fusion and Plasma Physics in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering has a long history of work in the area of magnetic and inertial nuclear fusion as well as plasma engineering. NPRE is now one of the leading departments in plasma-material interactions with its Center for Plasma-Materials Interactions established by Prof. David Ruzic. Furthermore, in the past year three new faculty members have been added to this area including: Prof. Jean Paul Allain, Prof. Davide Curelli and Prof. Daniel Andruzcyk. There are five research themes that spans the work in fusion and plasma physics: fusion materials, plasma-material interface (PMI) diagnostics, plasma-edge and PMI modeling, plasma nanosynthesis and plasma sources and processing.

Plasma Physics and Fusion Faculty


Subtopics in this Area

  • Fusion Materials
  • Plasma Edge and PMI Modeling
  • PMI diagnostics
  • Plasma Nanosynthesis
  • Plasma Sources and Processing