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Students Transferring Within the University

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

NPRE ILLINOIS welcomes talented transfer students. Transfer cases may be inter-departmental, where the student is already enrolled in Engineering at Illinois, or may be cases where the student is enrolled in another college. In both scenarios, Engineering at Illinois oversees the transfer process with input provided by the department. (Visit the Engineering at Illinois Undergraduate Advising for guidelines on the transfer procedures.) In all cases, prospective transfers to NPRE ILLINOIS should be strong in math and physics with a committed interest in the major.

Students who are considering a possible transfer to NPRE ILLINOIS should:


  • Go to Engineering Academic Affairs (206 Engineering Hall) to meet with a dean for advising on pursuing a transfer. This is not a commitment to transfer but an initial evaluation of your prospects for transfer and will provide general advice related to the transfer.
  • Look at the NPRE ILLINOIS Curriculum and start taking the required math and physics classes. Review the NPRE Curriculum to understand the degree requirements and what courses you will be taking in the program.
  • Schedule an appointment with an NPRE advisor in Talbot Laboratory by calling 217-333-2295 or by emailing Expect to discuss your interest in the major, to review your courses taken and grades received, and to plan for classes should the transfer be made. 
  • Transfers are considered on an individual basis, but in general the NPRE ILLINOIS adviser is looking for a pattern of academic performance that would predict the student would be successful in a technical curriculum. A student with a B average and demonstrated success defined by receiving primarily A's and B's in math, physics and other technical courses while taking a regular semester load may be a successful transfer candidate. Students with grades below B in technical courses may not be good candidates for transfers to NPRE ILLINOIS unless those low performances are amended by retaking the course and earning a higher grade.

Students Transferring From Outside the University

You will submit your NPRE ILLINOIS transfer application to the campus.  The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can provide information to guide your decision to apply and the application process, including admission requirements, dates, deadlines and detailed procedures.

If you are a prospective student or parent of a prospective student and are planning to visit the department, please let us know of your plans and we will make sure you get the most out of your visit. Call us at 217-333-2295 or email

Visit the Illinois campus

If you are interested in visiting the University of Illinois campus, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides a wealth of information about campus tours, accommodations and other opportunities.

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