Exchange Programs

For the past nine years NPRE ILLINOIS has joined with the University of Pisa to give students both at Illinois and in Italy an opportunity for an educational and cultural exchange. In 2011, NPRE began reaching out to Sweden for possible exchanges and collaboration.

Exchange and Collaboration Programs


Since 2003, NPRE ILLINOIS Department Head Jim Stubbins and Prof. Rizwan Uddin have worked with Dr. Calogero Sollima from the University of Pisa. Each year in the middle of May, 12 to 15 Illinois engineering students travel with the NPRE ILLINOIS professors for six weeks of study in Italy. Courses focus on energy sources and uses, renewables, fossil fuels and nuclear.

The past three years, 12 to 15 Italian students have come to Illinois for six weeks each September. They take courses in energy, English and their own areas of interest.


NPRE ILLINOIS faculty began interactions with faculty and administrators of the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in 2007, aiding the country in an effort to develop nuclear power as an energy source. The relationship traveled full circle in December 2014 when the first JUST student completed his PhD in NPRE and made plans to travel back to JUST as an assistant professor.


NPRE ILLINOIS also was part of the initial effort by the Urbana campus and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in spring 2011 to form a long-term strategic alliance to benefit students and faculty at both institutions.