DOE, ANS Scholarships Available


NPRE undergraduate and graduate students are urged to apply for this year’s rounds of scholarships and fellowships available through the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and the Department of Energy Nuclear Energy University Programs (DOE NEUP).

The deadline for ANS applications is February 1, 2012. A listing of available scholarships, eligibility requirements, and scholarship application forms are available here. Note that applications require transcripts and three letters of recommendation, so allow sufficient time to obtain these.

Three letters of recommendation and official transcripts also are required for the DOE NEUP awards, and that deadline to apply is February 8, 2012. Undergraduate scholarships are $5,000 for one year. The maximum award for fellowships is anticipated to be $50,000 a year over three years, with an additional one-time $5,000 allotment to fund a minimum 10-week internship at a DOE national laboratory or other designated facility. See here for further information about applying.

NPRE students in the past have enjoyed success in receiving awards from both organizations, so you are encouraged to determine your eligibility and apply! For more information, contact NPRE Admissions and Records Officer Becky Meline at bmelineatillinois [dot] edu.